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I am very grateful for the positive feedback I receive from my clients, some of which you can read below. If you would like to let me know your thoughts about your osteopathic experience your feedback would be most welcome and very much appreciated. Please feel free to email me your comments at ncoysh@gmail.com. These will be posted below on this page; if you’d like your name to be withheld please just say.

A photo of Jacqui Anderson.

“Nick is a very friendly and relaxing person to be with, and his treatments are gentle and very effective. Thanks to him, my hip, which would ache after a few holes of golf, now allows me to complete a whole pain free round. He also worked miracles on the shin splints problem that I’ve had for years. I intend to visit him on a regular basis for ‘maintenance’ treatments. I am so grateful and would highly recommend Nick.
Jacqui Anderson

A photo of Mick Fillary.

“Can’t speak highly enough of Nick’s treatment. Hurt my back but he got me back to playing golf and enjoying life again.
Mick Fillary

A photo of Jeane Wells

“I have suffered ongoing back, neck and leg pain for years and can only tolerate gentle treatment, which Nick provides, with a lovely gentle massage to finish. There has definitely been improvement, and Nick is very aware of my limitations and treats me accordingly. Can highly recommend. I have been seeing him on and off for quite a few years now and I wouldn’t go to anyone else.
Jeane Wells

A photo of Poppy Graffy

“A very professional yet comfortable visit to the osteopath in Storrington with fantastic results. I had a few follow up appointments from my initial visit and hardly experience any pain these days. I know I can always ring or text and he will fit me in whenever possible. Has been very accommodating at short notice in the past.
Poppy Graffy

A photo of Heather Robins

“I had seen Nick for a course of treatment with ongoing back pain, I felt improvement from the first visit and I found him professional and understanding.
Heather Robins

A photo of Sandra Parsons

“I was recommended to try Nick after suffering with neck pain and have to say definitely best advice,he was gentle yet treatment was effective and after only 3 visits my problem has gone, many thanks! Highly recommend!
Sandra Parsons

A photo of Emma Tappenden

“5/5 stars.
Emma Tappenden

A photo of Lucy Ivankovic

“Very pleased with the experience with Nick. He diagnosed me and started treatment immediately. After years of pain I thought I would have this for life, but after just one treatment I could feel the improvement.
Lucy Ivankovic

A picture of Clive Roberts

“Can offer nothing but thanks and gratitude to Nick for easing my back problem. Always courteous, friendly and professional. A knowledgeable practitioner with a solid reputation.
Clive Roberts

A photo of Steve Burford

“I had severe back pain and sciatica and could barely move. Nick treated me at his Chipstead practice, got me moving again and I haven’t looked back since. Nick’s caring support at the time was much appreciated.
Steve Burford

A photo of Ben Smith

“Absolutely awesome, sorted my back perfectly ready to be back playing rugby.
Ben Smith

A photo of Tracie Anderson

“Nick is superb. He explains everything clearly and does home visits too!
Tracie Anderson

A photo of Mark Anderson

“I have no hesitation in recommending Nick, he is an excellent osteopath.
Mark Anderson

A photo of Caroline Armitage

“Nick is a careful and effective osteopath. He takes the time to listen and diagnose and then treat. You can also be certain he won’t continue with unnecessary treatments.
Caroline Armitage

“I had cause to ask Nicholas Coysh to help with a trapped nerve. I had never been to an osteopath before and found the treatment to be gentle and expertly given. Nicholas was excellent and relieved my pain. Thank you Nicholas.
Carrie Bishop

A picture of Sheila Collins.

“I went to see Nick with a bad back I’d had for years. Feeling rather fed up and nervous on arrival, Nick was very calm and reassuring and I felt very comfortable with him. I have only been to see him a few times and the difference in my back is truly amazing. It has made a huge change in my life, not being in pain every day and I know that I can trust him. I now go back every 6 weeks to keep my back happy.
Sheila Collins

A picture of Nick Cresswell

“I sought help from Nick while suffering with a chronic and complex shoulder problem. His approach is very competent and reassuring and this went a long way to help with the stress of having this condition.

Nick is utterly committed to good service and his occasional email marketing updates are really useful and are in no way intrusive. Who can say that about email marketing?!

Nick, thanks for all your help to date.”
Nick Cresswell

A picture of Rebecca Schumacher

“Nick has been looking after my fiance’s back long before we met. After seeing fantastic results firsthand, and, after particularly stressful time that had resulted in acute neck and shoulder pain, I promptly booked a very last minute appointment. Nick’s treatment was professional and relaxing. He found my knots immediately and worked them out. Afterwards all my twinges were gone and I had the best nights sleep in weeks. I highly recommend Nick – thanks so much.”
Rebecca Schumacher

Osteopath client Valerie Malik
“Nicholas is a very skilled osteopath who has accurately diagnosed my aches and pains and then within two sessions has me back on my feet and fighting fit. I am very happy with the service. He is professional, friendly, approachable and gives expert advice on after care. I can highly recommend him. His treatment works and in only two sessions!!!!”
Valerie Malik

Osteopath client Andy Kidd

“I have been going to see Nick for a number of years now to help keep on top of my aches and pains. I am very happy with the service provided and would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks to regular maintenance treatments, I keep fit to play and enjoy 2/3 rounds of golf each week.”
Andy Kidd

Jill Maxwell

“I’ve been a client of Nick’s for about 18 months. I went originally with the back pain shared by many but since then Nick’s been able to banish jaw pain, foot pain, heel pain and calf pain and always with good grace and a smile.”
Jill Maxwell

Osteopath client Andy Richardson

“I’ve been playing rugby with a bad back for some time now and after being mucked about at university with student physiotherapists I finally decided to go ahead and get it looked at by a professional. Nick saw me on short notice and after one session he diagnosed me with a twisted pelvis, treated me and gave me stretches to do every day to ensure my lower back was back to normal.

After the first session I was singing his praises. Not only was I flexible again, but I could touch my toes again with ease (because of my tight hamstrings I couldn’t bend down properly). I now follow the exercises he told me to do every day and I haven’t had any back pain since. Couldn’t recommend his services enough!”
Andy Richardson

Osteopathy client Nikki Tyte

“I really appreciate the efficient and calm way you work on my aches and pains – you ensure that you work out exactly what the problem is and then deal with it effectively, and also provide good practical tips at the end of each session. My first session with you was when I was in real trouble and your sessions made a huge difference very quickly.”
Nikki Tyte

Osteopathy client Phil Giles

“I have been using Nicholas for about 18 months now since my previous long term osteopath went to the big treatment room in the sky. I must say I was quite apprehensive about finding a new osteopath after about 15 years but Nick has been great. I have started going once every 3 months, whereas before I would only seek treatment if I had a problem. So far with this ongoing treatment I have had no problems at all.”
Phil Giles

Osteopathy client Karen Brenchley

“I tend to suffer with aches and pains and just hope they will go away but recent acute pain in my hip which was keeping me awake and a recommendation from a friend sent me to Nick’s Storrington clinic where he saw me the same day and instantly diagnosed the problem just by looking at me. Considering the treatment was so gentle I was surprised how quickly I felt an improvement and after only two sessions I was almost back to normal. He is clearly skilled at his craft and is reassuring in his approach, and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone who is suffering pain.”
Karen Brenchley

Osteopathy client Mark C

“Highly knowledgeable with use of trusted methods plus embracing new techniques. Thoroughly recommended.”
Mark C

Osteopathy client Tracy C

“I am more than happy with how my aches and pains are slowly disappearing and my migraines are nowhere near as painful as when I first came to see you. Best thing I’ve done in a long while was picking up the phone and enquiring how you could help me and I will continue to keep seeing you in the future as a patient. Thank you”
Tracy Connor

Osteopathic treatment client Tracie Anderson

“Nicholas is very understanding and is great explaining plainly the cause of any problems we may have – my whole family have been to see him and all of us have been impressed.”
Tracie Anderson

Osteopathy client Marianne Pope

“I went to Nick when I had created further injury on a long standing back issue, and was in desperate need of help as I was in servere pain and could hardly walk. He was reassuring and calm in his approach, considerate of my needs, and above all, although I am not totally out of the woods yet, he has dramatically improved my back problem. Both the short term issue that had left me in agony, and then addressed the long term daily pain that anyone who suffers with back issues just believes is an accepted way of life. So I am pleased to think that maybe I don’t need to just accept that anymore. Thank you.”
Marianne Pope

A picture of Sue Sheen.

“Nick is dedicated to furthering his already extensive knowledge of osteopathy, keeping abreast of any new discoveries in treatment. His methods are effective and pain-relieving whilst being gentle in approach. If you have any concerns about being ‘snapped’ by an osteopath then Nick is the expert to consult on alternative manipulation to achieve great end results.
Sue Sheen

A picture of Ann Conroy

“If you want a guy that will help your aches and pains then this is the guy. Knows his job. He’s helped my back and leg problems for a good few yrs. So, if you want THE BEST, forget the rest, choose Nick. Excellent at his job and a very good osteopath.
Ann Conroy

A picture of Kris Thomas

“Nicholas offers a very courteous and professional service and treated my painful back problem with sensitivity and care. I only needed 1 treatment and would be happy to recommend Nicholas to anyone with back trouble. If you have not used an Osteopath before I would certainly suggest giving Nick a try.
Kris Thomas

A picture of Jill Atkins

“Nicholas made a big difference to my arthritic hip. He was very pleasant and gentle and explained what he was doing and why. I’d recommend him as an osteopath.
Jill Atkins

“I have been treated by Nick from time to time for several years and find him professional, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful with ongoing exercises. He does not push one to have unnecessary treatments. I highly recommend him.”
Trish Snook

“I have had occasion to use Nicholas several times and have always found him to be very reliable in that he arrives on time, takes the time to ascertain the issue, has a very good understanding of his subject and is able to explain that in layman’s terms so that you always know and understand the cause of the injury and the treatment necessary. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Nicholas.”
Steve Bishop

“I find the service ideal, with a choice of time periods and the treatment tailored to the individual’s situation. It has undoubtedly been helpful in loosening areas of tension and strain, and regular appointments are of great benefit in keeping the condition under control.”
Andrew Armitage

“I have found Nick to be very helpful and listens to what I have to say. I always feel I have benefited from his treatment when I leave and my aches and pains are much better.”
Jackie F

“I have been seeing Nick for about a month with a problem in my neck/shoulder which was giving me a lot of pain and also trochanteric bursitis (inflammation around the hip-bone) and he has definitely eased my neck and helped considerably with the hip. He is a very pleasant and approachable young man and easy to talk to. I will now be seeing Nick on a monthly basis for maintenance. I can certainly recommend his expertise.”
Christine Turrell

“The service that was provided for me was excellent, it helped me tremendously, I was unable to play golf with no pain until I had a session with Nick. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”
Stuart Francis

“I just want to tell you how grateful Geoffrey and I are. Your home visits to Geoffrey have been very beneficial to him and we both look forward to seeing you. Many, many thanks.”
Donatella Barnard

“We have both been seeing Nick Coysh for over a year now and have great confidence in his ability as an osteopath. He is amiable and easy to relate to on the one hand, and very professional and effective on the other hand. He recognises the importance to the patients of understanding the issues and their underlying causes, and he explains clearly his treatment and how it will alleviate the problems. We highly recommend his services.”
Martin and Michelle Ginever

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