Whilst it may not always feel like it outside, spring has officially sprung!

It’s that time of year where people like to clean and clear out the house, lofts and garages, sort the garden out, get the car washed and generally shake off the winter cobwebs to become more active.

This is all great from an organisational and feel good point of view. However, physically, many of us may still be unnecessarily suffering the effects of winter. The cold and damp weather tends to get to the joints, stiffening them up and causing muscular tension in the process. This pain and stiffness can go on through the year if left unattended.

This is where your osteopath comes into it!  If you have any niggles you would like to nip in the bud, if you pardon the pun, then we are here to help.

Firstly, booking an appointment for a ‘Post Winter Body Reinvigoration’ or ‘Spring Tune-Up’ with your friendly osteopath to get the body moving easier and functioning better would be a great start. Alternatively, if that’s not possible or you wanted to try a few self-help techniques, then you may find some of the following tips useful:-


  • Warm up first by doing the easier tasks before tackling the heavier jobs.
  • Bend through the knees and hips, not the back.
  • Pace yourself.

Washing the car

  • Squat down to wash the wheels.
  • Don’t over-reach, use a stall if you have to.
  • Alternate hands to prevent repetitive strain.


  • Use power tools to assist you where possible.
  • Use your body weight and momentum to reduce the strain through your hands and wrists.
  • Plan ahead – buy the heavier items in smaller quantities rather than bulk or get them delivered.

Why not put that spring back in your step and book an osteopathy appointment?