Here are a selection of products that I recommend:


Osteopath recommended pillow

Groove Pillow

Experiencing neck pain & headaches?

I recommend the Groove Pillow because it is specifically designed to support optimal spinal alignment, promote better posture and reduce pain and stiffness in the neck and upper back. The ergonomic design cradles the natural curvature of the neck, encouraging muscle relaxation and enhancing comfort to provide a restful night’s sleep. They offer a free 100 day trial and you can also benefit from free delivery by following this link:

Note: If you access the website without following this link then you will need to enter the Discount Code: P-NCO at checkout to receive the free delivery.

Osteopath recommended supplements


Wanting to give your body a healthy boost?

NutriVital health supplements are formulated with high-quality, natural ingredients that support overall well-being and complement osteopathic treatments. NutriVital supplements are designed to address various health needs, from enhancing joint health and reducing inflammation to boosting energy levels and improving digestion. Their commitment to purity, efficacy, and scientific research ensures that you will receive safe, effective, and reliable nutritional support to enhance your healing and maintain optimal health.

Register an account via this web link and link your account to my Practitioner Code: 56965 to receive a 10% discount on their products.

Osteopath recommended roller

Manta Foam Roller

Need extra help to reduce pain and stiffness?

I recommend the Manta Foam Roller because it provides an exceptional combination of firm support and gentle flexibility, making it ideal for alleviating muscle tension and enhancing mobility. Its unique design targets deep tissue layers effectively, promoting improved circulation and faster recovery. The Manta Foam Roller is particularly beneficial for those seeking to manage chronic pain, prevent injuries, and maintain overall musculoskeletal health, aligning perfectly with my holistic approach to wellness and patient care.

Follow the link here and enter the code manta155 at checkout to receive 10% discount.

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