NCTV Episode 97

Continuing with the series of bitesize health tip videos which can be found here on my YouTube Channel, this episode includes:-

  • About wearable devices
  • Types of health apps available
  • Telehealth advancements
  • Ergonomics & posture
  • Prevention advice for related aches, pains and strains


If you’d prefer to read the content within, rather than watch the video, then feel free to read the transcript, as follows:-

Hello and welcome to NCTV Episode 97 which is all about how certain technologies can both help and hinder your health and wellbeing.

There’s no denying how much technology has come on in the past few decades and will continue to do so in the future. This has been particularly great for the advancement of health through the use of fitness apps and wearable devices for example.

As with anything though, there are certain things to be mindful of such as the effect prolonged screen time and the impact this can have on our health.

To start with though, in the fascinating world where technology meets health, we have wearable devices. Smart watches and fitness trackers have come along leaps and bounds in the last few years, from your Apple & Android watches to your Garmins and Fitbits, these gadgets have become common place and most people now either own one, or have family members who do.

And they don’t just tell the time anymore, they can monitor your heart rate, measure your blood oxygen levels, perform ECG’s, track your steps, analyse your sleep patterns, detect a fall and call the emergency services, GPS your location and much more.

Using this data can then give you excellent insights into your overall health, you can set fitness goals, see your daily and weekly progress and stay motivated on your wellness journey.

Next up are health apps, these can be found on your phones or devices, as well as most of the aforementioned smart watches. These are also potentially great tools for improving your health and wellbeing and can be used for things like managing your diet, tracking your mental wellbeing, giving you workouts or training plans and so on.

To expand upon the mental health aspect, certain apps can be a great tool for relaxation and mindfulness. A number of them can provide guided sessions for the likes of meditations or deep breathing, stress-relief exercises and sleep aids. It goes without saying that incorporating these into your routine can contribute to better overall wellbeing.

Just remember to choose reputable apps and be sure to consult with health professionals for more serious concerns.

Another area of advancement has been in Telehealth which has been revolutionary in recent times, especially during covid for the likes of myself and other osteopaths and healthcare professionals alike.

Whilst it may not be as good as a face-to-face appointment in some cases, things like virtual doctor visits, remote consultations and online health platforms have made healthcare more accessible. This not only saves time but also allows individuals to seek medical advice from the comfort of their own homes.

Now that we’ve well and truly entered the digital age we need to be mindful of how all this new technology can impact our physical health and postures.

This is where the importance of ergonomics comes in. For more in-depth help on the matter, I cover this in Episode 13, explaining how to set up your workstations properly and also in Episode 21 regarding Tech Neck. However, some of the key takeaways are to take regular breaks from using your computers, phones or devices & perform some gentle stretches. Consider ergonomic furniture too and make sure it’s set up correctly for your environment to prevent the likes of eye strain, headaches and muscle or joint aches, pains and strains.

Also to prevent eye strain, it’s worth considering using blue-light filters and moreover, the 20-20 rule, where for every 20 minutes you look at a screen, look at something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

A timely reminder here whilst on the topic of posture, is about the importance of things like regular preventative osteopathic checkups, even if you’re not in any acute pain as such. These can help to address any potential imbalances and optimise your muscle and joint health.

That’s it for this week’s bitesize bit to help your health flourish, enjoy embracing technology and all it can do for your health and wellbeing, but remember, everything in moderation.

See you again next time, bye bye.