NCTV Episode 34

Continuing with the series of bitesize health tip videos which can be found here on my YouTube Channel, this episode, includes:-

  • The positive impact these have on your health
  • The science behind it
  • 10 Ideas to get your creative juices flowing
  • My wife setting an example
  • How to also be kind to yourself


If you’d prefer to read the content within, rather than watch the video, then feel free to read the transcript, as follows:-

Hello and welcome to NCTV Episode 34 which is all about Random Acts Of Kindness and how you, whether intended or not, will also benefit from them.

So first of all I should point out that (obviously) Random Acts of Kindness aren’t supposed to be performed for your own personal gain but it does have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing as a side effect if you will.

What’s more, these benefits have actually been scientifically proven.

Whilst you may not hear about these things in the news, which is currently dominated by Covid, the American Election and Brexit, they are happening all around us, every day. Small acts people are performing to help make the world a better place.

The thing about kindness is that it doubles when you share it.

Studies have shown that if you perform just one random act of kindness a day, you’ll not only reduce your stress, anxiety and depression, but your body is flooded with the same hormones that make you and the person you helped, calmer, healthier and happier.

Serotonin helps you relax and makes you feel good, endorphins help to reduce pain and oxytocin helps to reduce blood pressure and makes you feel more loving and loved. You’ll be more energised, feel less aches and pains and it can help you feel more confident which could even help you to live longer.

Also, if other people see you helping someone else, they’ll be filled with the same hormones, meaning they’ll be significantly more likely to pay it forward.

As an idea here are 10 things you could do:-

  1. It might be something as simple as helping somebody cross the road
  2. Or letting somebody out at a junction if you’re driving
  3. Helping a neighbour with their shopping, gardening or DIY
  4. Giving someone else your parking ticket that still has time left on it
  5. Leave a great coupon next to that item in the supermarket
  6. Write a thank you note to someone or post a positive review or testimonial about their business online or on their social media site
  7. Grow a tree
  8. Pick up litter
  9. Donate time / money or goods to charity
  10. Or just check in with a friend or family member you’ve not spoken to for a while

As an example, a few days ago, my wife Racheal offered to do the shopping for one of her friends who is having to self-isolate, but she even took it a step further by throwing in a bunch of flowers and a few chocolaty treats, it didn’t take much or cost much but it gave both her and her friend that feel good factor.

So the final message is to say that – together we can make the world that little bit kinder for all of us and it all starts with one person – and that is you!

The people you help will help others, and they will in turn want to help even more people. That chain reaction can spread across an entire community, city, country and even the world.

Remember to be kind to yourself too though and it will give you the energy and strength to be kind to others. Just a few hours reading a great book or doing an activity that you love, booking in a treatment for yourself or taking time out to have a nice hot bath can make a world of difference.

And there you have it for this week’s bitesize bit to help your health flourish, bye bye for now.