NCTV Episode 6

Continuing with the series of bitesize health tip videos which can be found here on my YouTube Channel, this episode, includes:-

  • What ‘Connection’ is
  • Examples of how you can achieve it
  • The different types of connection that are possible
  • Why it’s important
  • What the health benefits are


If you’d prefer to read the content within, rather than watch the video, then feel free to read the transcript, as follows:-

Hello and welcome back to NCTV, providing you with bitesize bits to help your health flourish

We’re now into week 4 of Coronavirus Lockdown here in Sunny Storrington and today is all about Connection and how obtaining it will benefit you both physically as well as mentally.

So what is Connection? On a basic level it is simply a relationship you cultivate between yourself and another person or thing.

As an example, you can connect with your friends, family or neighbour by simply checking in with them, ask how they are, be a listening ear and offer your help in whatever way shape or form that may be. You don’t necessarily have to solve anything for them but just being there to show you care will go a long way to strengthen that connection you have with them.

Another connection you can experience may be with nature. If you’re able to get out for your one walk, run or bike ride a day then take advantage of your surroundings, as I speak, the sun is out, the air is warm, the birds are singing – loudly, the bluebells and daffodils are out in force, animals are roaming the woods and fields and Spring is well & truly upon us, so embrace it. If you can’t get out then research suggests that emotionally, you get the same physiologically beneficial response just by watching a nature documentary

Why is connection important? Because it fulfils one our greatest needs as a human being and provides one of the biggest benefits you can get to your mental wellbeing. By supporting others, you can make a difference not only for them but for you as well, it works both ways.

So what are the health benefits? Studies suggest that people who experience greater connection have lower levels of anxiety & depression, higher self-esteem, greater empathy and are more trusting & co-operative towards others, meaning they are more so back towards them, creating a positive feedback loop of social, emotional and physical wellbeing. Aside from that, achieving greater connection has been proven to strengthen your immune system, helps you recover from disease faster and may even lengthen your life, so be sure to make time for it today and everyday.

That’s all from this week’s edition, tune in to NCTV again next week for some more bitesize bits to help your health flourish.

By for now!