New Shop Name

As of last month (August 2016), some of the more eagle-eyed passers by in Storrington may have noticed a change in the shop name and window graphic. The name changed from the ‘SouthDowns Performance Centre’ to ‘South Downs Health & Wellbeing’ so as not to confuse this shop with the SouthDowns trainers’ new larger facility which is down Greyfryers Lane.

The Health & Wellbeing element has also been added to depict the more diverse range of health related products and services this shop has to offer.

If you’re one of my Storrington based patients who may have been confused by the shop name change in my pre-appointment reminder text, this has hopefully shed light on the matter, although in most cases I would have explained this to you before, during or after the event.

Keep an eye out for more changes and updates in the future.