NCTV Episode 4

Continuing with the series of bitesize health tip videos which can be found here on my YouTube Channel, here is Part 1 of an exercise two-parter, including:-

  • Couch potato combating advice
  • The physical benefits of exercise
  • The mental benefits of exercise
  • Short term gains
  • Long term gains



If you’d prefer to read the content within, rather than watch the video, then feel free to read the transcript, as follows:-

Hello & welcome to NCTV, providing you with bite sized bits to help your health flourish.

These video’s are all here to provide inspiration, solutions or ways to keep you happy & healthy, especially during these times of social distancing and self-isolation.

We are now in week 3 of lockdown the UK and so far, as part of the Coronavirus Chronicles if you will, we’ve covered Breathing and Relaxation, The Importance of Sleep, How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep and today, Episode 4 is all about exercise which we’ll cover again in two parts as it’s a big topic.

Firstly, we all know that exercise is important and that’s especially true, now more than ever, whilst we’ve been instructed by the government to stay at home.

With the disruption to your routine and comforts of your own home surrounding you, the temptation may be to catch up on your reading, while away the hours on your computer or binge watch those films or series’ on Netflix, Amazon, iPlayer, Disney etc etc.

However, if you’re not careful, your lifestyle can become very sedentary and before you know it, you’ll have morphed into a couch potato.

So to provide you with a bit of information and motivation on why to exercise, here are a couple of reasons:- Just the simple act of moving more and upping the heartrate will release endorphins – the happiness chemical, into the brain, this improves your mood and mental health making you feel more relaxed, which in turn can also act as a natural pain killer.

To reel off a few more, exercise helps control your weight, reduce the risk of heart disease, helps you manage blood sugar and insulin levels, helps to keep your thinking, learning and judgement skills sharp as you age, strengthens your bones & muscles, reduces the risk of some cancers, reduces the risk of falls, improves your sleep and can increase your longevity plus much more besides

Hopefully that’s whetted your appetite enough to get you moving more. Tune into the next episode of NCTV and part 2 of this exercise special series for some suggestions on ways to do this from the comfort of your own home.

That’s all from part 1, bye bye for now.